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Homemade Microwave Popcorn Recipe

 Homemade Microwave Popcorn Recipe

It all started with a quick DIY picture spotted on Facebook and I knew I needed to figure out how I could make Popcorn at Home.

With all the health concerns surrounding packaged foods and packaged microwave popcorn I haven’t had it for years and miss having popcorn at home. I don’t really want to deal with oil and dirty pans so I’ve just gone without it for too long. (Plus there was a stove top fire making some as a kid which has me a little afraid to try again)

This easy DIY took just a few steps to complete and the results are so tasty. Plus you can’t beat the price.

Step 1: Purchase popcorn kernels at your nearest grocery store (organic and in bulk if possible-Whole Foods has them for $1.49 /#)

Step 2: Bring them home. 🙂

Step 3: Place kernels in the bottom of a glass bowl (or any microwave safe bowl) I used a Pyrex 1.5qt glass bowl. I try to keep it just covering the bottom of the bowl. Can add more but if you are adding a lot more, I’d go to a larger bowl. This amount has worked portion wise for me and seems to allow most kernels to cook.







Step 4: Place a microwave safe plate over the bowl and place in microwave.









Step 5: Turn on your microwave for 6-8 minutes. **All microwaves are very different so just like regular microwave popcorn, stay close and listen till you get a feel for your timing. When you hear about 3 seconds between pops, turn it off. (The good thing is that it seams like it doesn’t burn like the bagged kind if you let it go a couple seconds too long.) I was surprised that it took a bit longer but even though I let it pop kinda long (8 minutes) the kernels that popped first were still good. Like I said, just keep an eye on it till you get the hang of your microwave.









Step 6: Put oven mitts (or something similar) on your hands and remove the plate then the bowl. They are very HOT!!!! Be careful!

Step 7: Butter and salt to taste if you like.

Step 8:  Eat and Enjoy!!

Notes: I have read other recipes where they melt the butter first add the salt and then pop. I tried it and it didn’t turn out as good for me as when I buttered and salted after.


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