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Flavors of LA – LA Times – The Taste

Flavors of LA – LA Times – The Taste


This past Saturday (August 31, 2013) was the Flavors of LA portion of The Taste event by LA Times. The Taste festival was a 3 day event over Labor Day weekend consisting of 5 different sessions. The one that we went to was on Saturday night- Flavors of LA. This festival takes place at the back lot of Paramount Studios amongst all the city streets where countless TV shows and movies have been shot.








There were over 40 food booths and 40 liquor booths to check out in the 4 hours of the festival so we had a lot to eat and drink in a short time. Unfortunately a lot of the booths had only meat products  but there was a good amount without so we were able to find some great bites and discover some new restaurants in the process.




Here’s a small sampling of our “tastes”:

The Grilled Cheese Truck was cranking out samples all night long. The tater tots were perfectly crispy and salty and the Mac n cheese was a wonderfully unique cheesy bite.


Grilled Cheese Truck– Tater Tots


Grilled Cheese Truck – Mac n cheese sandwich

 Blvd 16 in Westwood was sharing some cool treats during a very hot night.

Blvd 16- Gazpacho and Peach Tarts

Blvd 16– Gazpacho and Peach Tarts








 Bibigo was sharing a vegetable and rice dish while entertaining the crowd with a few characters


Bibigo character and Veggie Girl


Rice and Veggie bowl





 Chiptole was there as well offering up their Sofritas tacos with Patron margaritas.


Chipotle Sofritas taco with margarita


Taking a break to check out some of the speakers


The Taste Stage


Bryant NG from Spice Table giving a Demo


Jonathan Gold from LA Times moderates the Pop Up panel














Ended with a wonderfully refreshing pint of Stella Artois at their mobile bar


Stella Artois Bar


Plenty of glass for everybody


Glad I had my tote along for all the information (and glass)














Of course I had to stop and see what it would be like to be up on the stage presenting… maybe next year.

Veggie Girl on the Taste Stage

Veggie Girl on the Taste Stage








Looking forward to next year……


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Susan Feniger’s Street – AYCE Brunch

 Brunch at Susan Feniger’s Street

Susan Feniger’s Street’s all you can eat brunch is a great addition to the Brunch circuit.

The Deal: $25 for All You Can Eat and if you want add on $15 for all you can drink Mimosa’s. (They even serve nude mimosa’s for the purist)

There were a ton of dishes and I was lucky enough to go with a big group so we could try a lot of things. They only do the deal if the whole table is doing but it’s worth it. Takes care of breakfast and lunch in a great setting. Sit outside if the weather is good.

We tried almost 1 of everything they offered in the breakfast section and about half of the lunch section. A few of the items we had are pictured below.

One other dish to note was the Burmese melon salad. It was sweet melons with crunchy lentils and a unique ginger gin-thoke style dressing.

Here are some of the other plates we enjoyed. All were tasty so try as many as you can.

Asparagus Frittata

Asparagus Frittata

Kiya Toast

Kiya Toast


Spicy Roasted Chilaquiles





Korean Bibimbap Lettuce Wrap

Korean Bibimbap Lettuce Wrap



Acai Breakfast Bowl

Acai Breakfast Bowl

Falafel Poppers

Falafel Poppers













Check them out. Here is their listing:


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